Best Video Ever!!! The harness and the switch

This is a video of Jackson at the Perlman Center. He’s in a harness attached to a track in the ceiling. Many of the children at the Perlman Center are not able to walk (yet). So, to get them to bear weight on their legs and strengthen their leg muscles, the kids can get into the harness. It also keeps them upright, which is great, especially for Jackson, who cannot sit up on his own yet.

Why is the attached video so great? Well, not only is he standing, but he’s hitting the switch (I.e. The big red button) with his foot!!! This is huge! I almost started crying when I saw him look at the switch and press the button with his foot so it would make noise. We’re so proud of him and we love the Perlman Center.


10 responses to “Best Video Ever!!! The harness and the switch

  1. That is so amazing! It is fantastic progress for him and you are so blessed! He is such a sweet and cute little boy and he was brought into your world for a reason! Children are a true gift from God and no two are the same, but they are all innocent and sweet!

  2. This is so awesome! I love that you guys are doing this blog as it gives us a chance to stay up to speed with how he is doing, since we don’t get to see you guys nearly enough. He looks so much bigger since the last time I saw him! And even cuter, which I didn’t think was possible!

  3. Look at that determination! I am sure that brought such great joy to all of you! Love the Happy Birthday recording!!!

  4. I absolutely love it. He is so precious and making great strides. He is so determined to hit that red button. Good for him! Keep up the good work, Jackson!

  5. What a sweet picture of Jackson. He is really alert and seems to be having fun. He is a sweety. You are taking good care of him and he is thriving. Love, Aunt Jane & George

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