Twelve Month Checkup

Jackson had his twelve month checkup this week. It was great. He’s healthy and doing well. Dr. Z, his pediatrician, said his parents are taking really good care of him, something all parents want to hear.

At the beginning of every visit, the nurse asks us standard developmental questions. When he was a newborn, these questions were fine. However, as he grew and we started answering the questions in the negative (i.e. Does he roll over? No. Does he reach for toys? No.), it became pretty stressful. After he was diagnosed, the questions were depressing. However, I’m happy to report this week’s visit was the first time we didn’t get asked any developmental questions (Thank you, Jennifer 🙂 ).

The one thing we were directed to do was give him Miralax. Due to his low muscle tone, Jackson doesn’t go No. 2 as often as he should. He hadn’t gone in over a week by the time we went to the doctor. He’s been eating lots of prunes and drinking prune apple juice, but it wasn’t enough. We gave him Miralax on Tuesday and Wednesday night. The picture below adequately represents Thursday and Friday morning if you catch my drift:


2 responses to “Twelve Month Checkup

  1. Isn’t Dr. Z the best?! She sees both of my little ones and Jennifer is our favorite Nurse!!! I know you are in great hands and we continue to keep the family in out prayers.

  2. So happy your little one is doing well. Many ups and downs but keep positive and good things will happen. Seems like Miralax is the med to take. Can’t wait for more updates. Alex

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